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Part 1: The Adventure Begins...

Readers of this blog are probably familiar with my beloved daughter Leah who will be entering her final year at the United States Naval Academy later this summer. After graduating next year she will be committed to serving her country for 5 years and beyond that...who knows. In any case, Navy in the winter is cold...and wet...and rather dreary. Plus it is the place where some say that fun goes to die...the other is the University of Chicago. In any case, Leah had one request after Christmas this year and that was to go backpacking with her dad (that's me) someplace warm and dry. Not an unreasonable request IMHO.

So I began looking for backpacking trip options that were warm and dry and someplace where Southwest has nonstop flights out of BWI....the answer was clearly Phoenix. So I contacted a company in Phoenix that offered guided hikes into the Superstition Wilderness outside of Phoenix. The company's motto: "If you want to kill yourself by hiking into the mountains off the grid without adequate training or supplies then we are happy to help..." Actually that is not their motto.

In any case, using my Eagle Scout training I planned the trip with their help and made sure that we had everything that we needed. The weather forecast one week out from the trip was sunny skies with temps ranging from 68F to 50F. Perfect...just perfect...until the forecast changed on Saturday before our Sunday departure out of BWI... be continued.