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Avoid getting stung...advice from Dr G at Dominion Fertility

No good deed goes unpunished. I spend a fair amount of time traveling between our Fair Oaks and Arlington offices in order to do my best to do all the egg collections and embryo transfers on my own patients. So when my wife called to say that there was a lot of unanticipated activity in our neighbors backyard that seemed to involve significant tree work I thought that it would be helpful for me to pop in on my way back to Arlington for a quick look. Once at home I assured myself that the neighbor was not decimating trees on my side of the fence and thought that I could quickly knock some items off my project list and clear out a cedar dog house that our dog refuses to use. Bad idea. Did you know that bumblebees have small nests that usually are in the ground? I didn't. Did you know that bumblebees can make a nest in an old dog mat instead of in a hole in the ground? I didn't. Did you know that bumblebees are usually pretty docile and slow to anger and slow to sting a human...…