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Managing DOR at Dominion Fertility

Here in Washington DC we love acronyms. The entire government is one big acronym....DHS, HHS, DOJ, IRS, etc, etc.

In medicine we are similarly guilty of using incomprehensible terminology. We say "ick-see" (ICSI) but spell out IVF. We throw around terms like IUI, DI, AI without a second thought.

Last week during a consult a patient confided in me that she had "door." I didn't want to sound like a dolt so I just rolled with it until she asked me again if I had a lot of patients with "door." Hmmm. Now this past week I was under the weather from some unknown cause and needless to say I was a bit slow on the uptake. Finally, the synapses clicked and I got it..."door" = "DOR"= diminished ovarian reserve.

Diminished ovarian reserve refers to the clinical situation of a patient who has a limited number of follicles (usually for unexplained reasons) and therefore whose response to fertility drugs is usually very disappointing. Many patients …