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Working With What You Have

I was actually able to get away this past weekend and made it on the slopes to ski for a day. The weather was spectacular and the snow pretty darn good for the Mid-Atlantic. I am not an aggressive skier which is mainly the result of breaking my collarbone on a ski trip back in college.

That tumble was on the first day on the slopes and apparently my fall was pretty impressive. As I lay on the ground stunned from my fall a well-meaning fellow skier rushed over and said "Man, that was an amazing wipe-out!" "I can't move my arm," was my reply. "That's OK, Dude. It's probably just dislocated. Wanna have me pop it back in?" I declined his offer and skied down to the first aid station. I ended up with an x-ray from a machine that looked like surplus from Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory. I survived the trip from Vermont back to Boston in an 8 seated prop plane and eventually healed up by the time Spring Break rolled around. Not sure how I ended up…