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Question of the Day: Diminished Ovarian Reserve

Yesterday I gave Grand Rounds at Inova Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church, VA. Fairfax is a very large hospital routinely performing over 10,000 deliveries annually. There are over 100 Ob/Gyn physicians on staff and I have the title of Division Director of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. As Division Director, I am responsible for ensuring educational content at the weekly departmental meetings that have an educational purpose. These meetings are called "Grand Rounds" in order to distinguish them (I guess) from "Not-so-grand Rounds."

As a child growing up in a medical household I often heard my Dad and Brother speak of "Grand Rounds." But I though they were saying "Ground Round" which was this great chain of burger restaurants in New England that was famous for providing bowls of popcorn and peanuts to all diners as they sat down. Of course, we kids would stuff our faces full of popcorn leaving no room for the overpriced burgers which ma…

Looking and Not Seeing

For the past 12 years I have been giving lectures to the students and residents from The George Washington University (and more recently VCU). I usually give my lectures in a room that is located on the campus of Inova Fairfax Hospital and you can usually find me there every week at 7:15 am trying to keep the audience awake, entertained and educated. I usually hook up my MacBook Pro to the LCD projector that I keep in my car. After my lecture last week I noticed an LCD projector that was mounted on the ceiling of the room. Looking around I noted a VGA adapter on the wall and I plugged my laptop into the correct slot and voila....I now had a full-sized projection on the screen compared with the dinky little projection from my own LCD projector which I have usually placed closer to the screen.

My problem with all this is that it bothers me that I cannot recall how long that damn projector has been mounted on the ceiling of the room! Has it been there for days....weeks....years??? I reall…

Revisiting the Past

I just returned from Boston where I helped my Dad celebrate his 89th birthday. My Mom is doing amazingly well considering what she has been through this past year in terms of her health.
At the party, attended by many cousins that my kids never even knew that I had, my Dad relived his early years growing up in Charlestown, MA and how he went to Tufts and Tufts Medical School. He then was an Intern in Internal Medicine at Bellevue Hospital in NYC. Upon his arrival he was told that he had to work nights and sleep during the July...without air conditioning! My Mom promptly headed to New Hampshire where her parents had a lake house! My poor Dad lost 25 pounds in a month and thought about bailing out of medicine altogether. But he ultimately decided it was Bellevue that was the problem so he switched to General Surgery at University of Minnesota. Upon his arrival in Minneapolis he asked about time off....he was told that he would have from 1-5 pm off the last Sunday of ev…