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Question 49. Are the children born after IVF normal?

The goal of all of our patients is to have a normal, healthy child. However, there are risks in life that none of us can eliminate and unfortunately any child can be born with a birth defect. So the real question is whether IVF derived pregnancies result in more complications and birth defects than non-IVF pregnancies. But here's the problem...patients who undergo IVF have a problem....INFERTILITY.

So really what we need to compare are the outcomes of pregnancies in infertile couples that conceived on their own and those that conceived with IVF...otherwise we are truly comparing apples and oranges. One very revealing study looked at pregnancies in gestational carriers (who have proven fertility which is why they were chosen to be gestational carriers in the first place!) and compared these to IVF pregnancies where patients carried themselves. Guess what? All the issues of bleeding, prematurity, low birth weight etc completely went away! So since most infertile patients do not use …

Question 48. How successful is IVF?

Different physicians have different styles. I have always attempted to involve my patient's in the decision making process so that they look upon the treatment plan as their plan not my plan. Not all patients want this responsibility. Some look to the physician to run the show with little to no input. I always try to make my recommendation clear but I think that there are often alternative pathways.

For the past 4 years we have been promoting Natural Cycle IVF as an alternative pathway to traditional IVF. I believe that many clinics are unable to offer this approach effectively because of cost limitations and volume concerns. However, it certainly represents more of a finesse approach than that of stimulated cycle IVF. On the other hand, no arguing that stimulated cycle IVF has a higher pregnancy rate per initiated cycle and a low cancellation rate. On the other other hand, some patients are willing to trade off the cancellation rate in order to avoid taking fertility drugs....and …

Question 47. How do I know if I need IVF?

Although there are many paths to reproductive success, IVF is usually the fastest road to success. However, not all patients are thrilled about taking that road as the use of stimulation drugs can be intimidating to say the least. Our extensive experience in Natural Cycle IVF has been so encouraging that it makes one reassess how to counsel patients who are considering other options such as clomid/IUI or gonadotropin/IUI treatment cycles. Although our initial inclination was to encourage Natural Cycle IVF mainly in patients < 35 years old with well-defined fertility issues, our results suggest that success can be obtained in older patients and in those with unexplained infertility. Clearly pregnancy rates will be higher in patients < 40 years old but our current record holder was 47 years old with 4 failed stimulated cycle IVF attempts prior to achieving an ongoing pregnancy with Natural Cycle IVF. Go figure.

I spent over an hour on the phone with a reporter from NPR recently. S…