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Question 32. Should I consider using a sperm donor to conceive?

So first we had Snowmaggedon and the Gordon family was without power for six days and now we have experienced Summerggedon! Sunday afternoon an intense thunderstorm ripped through the Washington DC area and did widespread damage. Over 300,000 taxpayers were without power and that included yours truly. Fortunately the power was restored last night after more than 48 hours of pioneer living. Needless to say we were very happy to rejoin the 21st century. On the other hand, the simplicity of going to sleep soon after sundown and waking up early in the morning fully refreshed should not be underrated. Simple can = good.

This concept can also apply to cases of severe male factor infertility. Not all couples are prepared to go the distance in terms of IVF/ICSI with testicular sperm in cases of azoospermia. A few years ago I had a couple that came to me following a talk that I gave regarding donor egg. She was relatively young and he had extremely low sperm counts. They had already spent almos…

Setting the Record Straight About NC-IVF

I am posting this recent blog by Dr. DiMattina which addresses some recent inaccurate information about Natural Cycle IVF that is circulating out in cyberspace.


Hello Everyone!

Recently, there have been many mistruths appearing on-line about our NC-IVF program. So, I am writing to set the record straight and provide you with honest information about our experience with NCIVF. As you well know, the internet provides a platform which all too often provides only one side of a "story" and unfortunately, far from reality too.

By way of background, because of our high success we experienced with our stimulated IVF program, in January, 2007, we decided to add a NCIVF program for our patients as most of our patients achieving pregnancy in our stimulated IVF program had only one or two embryos transferred. Thus, we believed that many of our patients did not require ovarian stimulation drugs and the high costs associated with stimulated IVF.

Six weeks ago, we submitted 4 papers describ…

Question 31. What can cause my husband to have no sperm at all and can we still have children together?

Summer is in full swing here in Washington DC and we are really getting cooked these past few weeks. I have been trying to be a real handyman this past week and have been granted a special dispensation by my wife in regards to the use of power tools. My project has been to strip off the paint and rust of an old patio set by using my power drill and a steel brush. Actually it has been very gratifying to see years of rust submit to my efforts. Does this have anything to do with infertility and IVF? Probably not, except that being a man is more than doing projects around the house and it is more than being able to father children. Being a father or a mother has everything to do with what happens after delivery or adoption.

We understand the desire to be genetic parents and will make every effort to accomplish that goal. However, every couple must decide what being a parent means for them. For some, the use of donor sperm or donor egg or both or adoption are all acceptable choices. For oth…

Question 30. Is there anything my husband can do to improve his sperm count, such as wearing boxers not briefs, taking vitamins or undergoing surgery?

As we approach the all-star break in the MLB season (Go Red Sox!) I would like to present a theory I have about guys and their resistance to having a semen analysis. If I had a dollar for every husband or male partner that said "I don't need any tests. I am fine. I have gotten several women pregnant." then I would have a lot of dollars. Now, getting beyond the fact that most women would not choose such an insensitive dolt as the parent of their yet to be conceived child...I always tell the guys that the proof is in the pudding and we need to do the test.

So why the resistance? It could be embarrassment about producing a sample. But I think it is deeper than is all about the numbers. For decades these men have been memorizing batting averages, on-base percentages, ERAs and the like. Suddenly they are going to be reduced down to a number....a sperm number and it is anxiety provoking.

When I tell women their FSH level or their AMH level or their antral follicle cou…