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Options Besides Donor Egg IVF

I made it back to DC from Boston, thanks for asking. However, the journey was not easy. I boarded my AirTran flight at 6:15pm and at 6:35 pm the pilot announced that the plane was grounded for mechanical problems. Not to worry, advised the gate agent....another plane would arrive and take us to Boston at 8:30pm. Having heard this story one time too many, I hopped on the internet (than you Verizon for my wireless modem) and saw that there was a JetBlue flight to Dulles leaving at 7:50PM. My wife and I discussed the options and decided that I would stick with AirTran....big mistake.

At 7:30 pm the gate agent announced that the plan that was supposed to take us to Dulles was grounded in Newport News and we would now hopefully depart around Midnight! I grabbed my laptop and ran for the JetBlue desk. They confirmed that there was a seat on the plane but that the plan was boarding as we spoke. The nice lady called the gate and they agreed to hold the plane while I ran through security. Merci…

Wanted: Egg Donor

So here I am sitting in Logan International Airport trying to kill some time before heading back to DC and hoping that I don’t catch Swine Flu. I was in Boston all day to attend a special ceremony honoring my father, Dr. Edward Gordon, who just retired from active clinical practice at the age of 86 and ending 60 years of continual practice as a general surgeon. All three of his sons were in attendance as he received several commendations for his contributions to medicine. Following these presentations, Dr. Pauline Chen gave a very emotional presentation including a reading from her NYTimes best-selling book Final Exam. I asked her for some hints as to how to get our book higher up the best-seller list but she was at a loss….Oh well.

What does all this have to do with infertility? Nothing. Just thought my patients may want to know where I was on a rainy Friday in Virginia. If you don’t care where I was then please accept my apologies but no one’s forcing you to read this blog anyway (al…